The MultiMadeira Exhibition at Secção de Multimadeira

The MultiMadeira Exhibition at Secção de Multimadeira

The MultiMadeira exhibition presented the works completed on the island by the artists who stayed at the Pedra Sina Residence as part of the 2013 festival/residency.

The general theme is the experience of being at the island of Madeira, but due to the nature of some of the artists’ work process, the connection was not as strong or apparent for all the works we present.

The works presented are in different media and include projections, photographs, prints, drawings, sound installations, a manually bound collaborative fanzine, a set of custom made postcards, a sculpture and an interactive generative art installation.

The artists participating are:

Dunja Janković
Viktor Šekularac
Ivan Ikić
Luka Knežević-Strika
Gretchen Blegen
Jelena Mijić
Ivan Selimbegović
Jovan Vesić
Jonas Bohatsch
Lena Gold
Ana Labudović
Aisha Ravate
Nina Zeljković
Jovan Mikonjić
Katarina Šoškić
Bojana Petković
Stephanie Hanna

The photographic section is curated by Luka Knežević-Strika with the intent of highlighting not only the island experience as itself, but the little details and narratives of Funchal and Madeira that felt highlighted by the process of loooking at them photographically. The artists participating are Ivan Ikić, Viktor Šekularac, Jelena Mijić and Luka Knežević-Strika.

Jonas Bohatsch and Lena Gold presented a coin operated generative art machine.

Jovan Vesić and Ivan Selimbegović presented an introductory showreel for the video game “Beyond the apocalypse” that they were making on Madeira.

Lena Gold and Katarina Šoškić presented a manually-bound book of fanzines “Nothing else really exists” produced as part of the workshop they led on Madeira. All the fanzines in the book are by artists who were part of MultiMadeira.

Ana Labudović presented a series of postcards “13 Phantoms of Imagination” inspired by the local superstitions she was exploring while on Madeira.

Stephanie Hanna´s sound installation “stereodogs” is inspired by an acoustic observation she made in Funchal:
Dogs barking at and with each other, spatially dispersed in the funnel shape of the harbor city.
Space becomes audible. Stephanie translates this given into a quadraphonic symphony.

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