Rita Braga, born in Lisbon in 1985. is a singer, songwriter and performer with an eccletic repertoir of songs, ranging from Serbian, Swedish or Portuguese folk, novelty songs, 1920’s jazz and samba to Bollywood. She has also written music for film and animation, done voice acting for animation, commissioned music for commercials and hosted unpredictable cabarets in Porto, where she is currently based.

A background in the visual arts has merged with her musical style and live performances. She has attended courses and worked for a while in illustration, comics and animation and graduated in Music Sciences at the New University of Lisbon.

Since 2004 she has been performing a bit all over Europe, the US and Brazil, in a variety of contexts going from underground clubs to theaters, festivals, burlesque shows, or primary schools. Most frequently performing solo on vocals and ukulele, she might add piano, synths, guitar or pre-recorded tracks to her live set.

Besides being a solo project, she’s had many collaborations with artists as different in style such as Borts Minorts, Nik Phelps, Vítor Rua, Felix Kubin, Dorit Chrysler, Uni and Her Ukelele, Amanda Jo Williams, The Legendary Tigerman…

2011 saw the release of her critically acclaimed debut album “Cherries That Went To The Police”, produced by Bernardo Devlin. (http://www.ritabraga.bandcamp.com/).

In 2012, during her first Brazilian tour, Rita started a band in São Paulo, which she named Indiozinhos Psicodélicos. The band followed her on tour in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The second studio album has been recorded in São Paulo with this new band at Casa do Mancha. All songs were written by Rita during her stay in Brazil. To be released in 2014.